Another Blog I wrote on a stranger system.

8/02/2021 1:50AM

Yeah this time I decided to write on PS4. Doesn't make much sense even compared to Wii U but whatever. Nest I will probably get DS Lite Web Browser to write a blog on there. Well I'm out for now.
Editors Note 2023: This is going to be a bit of a longer "Editor's Note" for this blog, but here we go I guess.

1. I ended up making the DS Lite Browser blog. Click here (website version, archive). It was a very basic blog, but it was a blog on the OG DS browser nonetheless.

2. Note to self: Please for fucks sake actually be faster and more frequent when creating blogs. Because of your laziness bitch, I couldn't be the owner of the 100,000th blog >:(
Ok but seriously, congrats on taking the 100,000th blog @cdog3789 (archive) on Paint, you did a great job :D