Flashcart and CFW fun

7/21/2021 4:43PM

So around a month ago I got an R4 and in March of this year I modded a DSi XL. The two of these combined make a perfect combination. Especially if the flashcart has a 16gb micro sd card and the DSi has a 32GB SD Card (not micro).

Recently I played Mario Kart DS with cheats and it was great. I had a Big Luigi I could control. I can also dump GBA games on DS Phat/DS Lite (but I am having trouble with that as of now because even if I go to the folder its dumped in, I can't play the game).

Pretty much what I am saying is that it's great. Crazy to think that I never used these for many years up until now. I'd recommend it to anyone willing to mod systems.

Its way too easy now xD. Even I was able to mod 6 systems so far. Four being mine and 2 were my friends 3DSes).
Editors note in 2023, I still recommend a flashcart. What i would do is get a DS flashcart, then mod your DSi or 3DS. I'd recommend 32-64GB of space on the flashcart. As for the system, get either 32-64GB if you're on DSi or get 64-256GB if you're on 3DS/2DS. You can go overkill on both (such as 128GB for both flashcart and DSi/3DS), but its overkill as I said and you generally can't just format it as normal because it has to be FAT32 or else it won't work on those systems.